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    Address: No.520 Cansang Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, P.R. China
    Tel: +86-511-88691377
    Fax: +86-511-81880653
    Email: info@jsflyer.com
    About Flyer

    JiangSu Flyer Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers and one-stop solution providers for LED TV, Digital Set Top Box, HIFI Audio(TV Soundbar&Speaker), DVD Player, Digital Photo Frame and IT accessories(Include bag&case, protect case, keyboard, etc).

    With a total labor force of over 300 skilled workers, 20 engineers and staff, we are able reach a production capacity up to maximum 200,000 units per month for various range products.

    To help our customers succeed to the utmost with our tailor-made products and excellent value-added services¡±, Flyer has set-up its well-equipped R&D department with well-experienced engineers, proactive Marketing & Sales team, manufacturing facilities with a hard-working & well-trained labor force together with an complete Quality Management System to make sure your Time-to-Market in good order and premium quality.

    We do insist our enterprise faith ¡°Integrity¡± , ¡°Creativity¡± , ¡°Service¡± and ¡°Win-win¡± and keep passion everyday to all the customers.

    Just give us your hands and we will light up your life.